Saturday 28 March
Studios // 23:00 // € 6
CANCELLED!! / OT301 ZION Station 
Genre: Roots Reggae/ Dub Party 
Line up: Food Bass Shelter soundsystem, Zen rockers
Open: 23:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 6 / €5 in presale

Due to the Corona virus this program is cancelled!!

Food Bass Shelter (the basic needs in life) is a reggae soundsystem from The Hague founded in 2013 which consists of Iskander and Serge.
We share the love for quality vinyl and choose to play a wide variety, from roots to stepper and some dubplate productions. As long as it has a serious message and distinct sound in the tune. Sufferation and oppression, with a heavyweight-positive vibration.


Presale stops at 18:00 hrs on Saturday 28 March, after that tickets can be bought at the door.