Friday 14 February
Cinema // 23:59 // € 0
Valentine's Day: Score
Open: 23:59 - 01:30 hrs
Tickets: € 0

Finish off Valentine's Day with a free midnight screening of Radley Metzger's bawdy bisexual romp Score (1974).

Married swingers Elvira (Claire Wilbur) and Jack (Gerald Grant) invite Eddie (Casey Donovan) and Betsy (Lynn Lowry) to dinner, but the uptight couple don't realize that they're on the menu. Director Radley Metzger extends the foreplay with snappy sexual innuendo, carefully choreographed gazes and gorgeous visual trickery, including expressive color, mirrors, distorted lenses and psychedelic lighting. Cutting between the husband and wife's separate sexual conquests, Metzger teases the bisexual imagination, creating a sexy, funny and polymorphously perverse send-up of sexual mores. We will be screening the uncut version of the film, with all of the sex scenes restored. Watch the trailer.

Directed by Radley Metzger, 1974, US/Yugoslavia, 92 minutes. In English.

Admission is FREE