Friday 08 November
Peper // 21:30 // € 0
Zanibar Aliens
Genre: rock and roll
Line up: Carl Karlsson ( lead vocals, keyboards), Filipe Karlsson (guitar, vocals), Diogo Braga (drums), Ricardo Pereira (bass)
Open: 21:30 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 0

The Zanibar Aliens are four piece rock band based in Portugal,
Lisbon. They started playing together when they met in school, at the time the youngest one in the band was twelve years old. Their sound reminds you of the classic rock’n’roll bands from the 70’s but mixed up with some other interesting elements like classical music and jazz. Carl Karlsson ( lead vocals, keyboards) and Filipe Karlsson (guitar, vocals) are the swedish part of the band. Diogo Braga (drums) and Ricardo Pereira (bass) are the Portuguesepart. The band released their first songs online in 2012 and their first demo album “Zanibar Aliens I” which was only available online
with no physical format. Their first official album was released in 2015, titled “Bela Vista”, it was recorded in Namouche Studios
Lisbon , this one being available online and in the CD format.
Since then, the band has played some major festivals in Portugal, such as NOS Alive, Vodafone Paredes de Coura and EDP Vilar de Mouros. In 2017 they drove all the way to England to record their second album titled “Space Pigeon”, which was recorded in only two days at Factory Road Studios in Eastleigh. Later on they took their 1989 Ford transit to go on their first legit European tour. In 2019 "Zanibar Aliens III" is released, this is the band's third studio album, it was recorded in three different locations but most of it
was done in their studio at home. This album features their classic rock 'n' roll sound that band is known for but introducing some new ideas to mix like bossa nova and samba, which you can hear right away in the opening track All i need is you.

The opener of the night is Ilmari Läntinen, a Finnish singer-songwriter based in Amsterdam. His music combines all kinds of rock with catchy choruses and his solo acoustic performance is energetic and inclusive. Läntinen released his debut EP "No Boundaries" in September 2018. His latest single "00:00" was released last April. After a busy summer of gigs in Finland he is back in Amsterdam playing solo acoustic shows.