Friday 15 October
Studios // 17:00 // € 15
ADE: PRSPCT showcase
Genre: Drum & Bass, Breakcre, Gabber, Hardcore
Line up: Kilbourne, The Outside Agency, [KRTM], Dolphin, Thrasher, FFF, Rudi Ratte
Open: 17:00 - 23:50 hrs
Tickets: € 15

Kilbourne (USA)
Destined to devastate, Kilbourne’s singular interpretation of hardcore draws from her background in industrial and club music. Her DJ sets showcase an unrelenting drive and spontaneous selection, and she has toured widely across North America and Europe at venues such as Berghain, Boiler Room, and Tresor. After critically acclaimed releases on Industrial Strength Records and Ophidian’s Meta4 Recordings, 2021 sees her joining the  PRSPCT agency and label with a rattling statement of contemporary hardcore techno and terror.
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The Outside Agency (NL)
Delivering dark and industrial elements at almost every conceivable speed, The Outside Agency are a formidable DJ and production act. From first releasing on the seminal Mokum Records, to pioneering the crossbreed genre, the duo of DJ Hidden and Eye-D have developed a singular vision of hardcore and drum & bass in a career spanning more than 20 years. With DJ sets incorporating anything from old acid to breakcore, the Genosha chiefs are true dissidents within the hardcore scene.
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One of the leading acts in the contemporary hardcore techno scene, [KRTM] combines modern industrial hardcore with an oldschool sensibility. A producer with over 10 years experience, and head of outsider techno labels SSSPCR and Madback Records, [KRTM] released his breakthrough debut album on PRSPCT in 2018. He’s performed hybrid live sets, featuring a singularly bone-crushing take on hardcore techno, at events like Bang Face Weekender, Astropolis and Unpolished, as well as major Dutch hardcore festivals like Defqon.1, Masters of Hardcore, Q-base, Dominator and Decibel.
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Dolphin (UK)
A veteran of the UK hardcore techno scene, Dolphin is still reinventing his sound more than 20 years later. As a DJ, Dolphin became aligned with seminal rave organisations Helter Skelter, Dreamscape and North throughout the ’90s and early millennium. He’s since toured the world, performing expressive, driving DJ sets stacked with his own productions. With an emotive and musical approach to hardcore, combined with a love of hip hop-style sampling and furious breakbeats, Dolphin has released on Deathchant, Rebelscum, Planet Mu, Hong Kong Violence, as well as two genre-crossing albums for PRSPCT.
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Thrasher (NL)
Raised on punk rock and guitar music, Thrasher has been f*cking the hardcore system since launching PRSPCT in 2002. A true embodiment of the PRSPCT label and event series that has gone on to conquer the world, Thrasher’s three or even four deck DJ performances cut between the hardest hitting drum & bass, out of the box hardcore, breakcore and more. He is also frontman of extreme supergroup The Dead Cvlt with Limewax and three iconic hardcore punk musicians. Thrasher’s musical tastes are much wider than his sets would have you believe. Tune into his weekly Wonderful World of Wax show on PRSPCT Radio for a peek at the PRSPCT chief’s vast and eclectic record collection.
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Rotterdam legend FFF has been setting dance floors on fire since the early ’90s––and keeps the rave euphoria alive in his sets and productions today. A seminal first generation breakcore artist, FFF helped establish a scene in the Netherlands via his underground cassette label Orange Socks, Breakcore a GoGo parties (with Bong-Ra) and later Wreck Havoc events (together with Thrasher). Fiercely productive, FFF has released a glut of EPs and albums for labels like Murder Channel Records, Planet Mu, Myor Massiv and PRSPCT. An obsessive crate digger, with FFF on the decks expect amen warfare, hoovers, horns and tropical vibes with elements of jungle, rave, bubbling, dancehall and gabber.
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Rudi Ratte (IT)
An incredibly versatile DJ, no genre is out of bounds for Rudi Ratte. Making a name for himself as a DJ and promoter in South Tyrol, Italy, since moving to the Netherlands Rudi Ratte has honed his skills as a PRSPCT resident, performing at clubs and festivals throughout Europe. Active in the Dutch free party scene and part of the Chewbakka Soundsystem, Rudi Ratte has brought his underground selections to stages at some of the world’s leading hardcore events, including Dominator, Decibel Outdoor and Hardshock Festival. With his signature fusion style of heavy, obscure music, and a waywardness with BPMs, Rudi Ratte sets are always wild, funky and unexpected.
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