Friday 17 September
Studios // 17:00 // € 0
OTR - Streaming radio
Genre: Streaming radio
Line up: Cyb, Elisa Batti, Øblak
Open: 17:00 - 21:00 hrs
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17:00-18:55 - Talkshow: Introducing educate
18:00-21:00 - Immaterial Archives label night

17:00-18:55 - Talkshow: Introducing educate
Educate is a grassroots non-profit organization that works to empower children and young people in Honduras through supporting community-driven projects focused on education. Learn more about Honduras and educates philosophy and projects.

18:00-21:00 - Immaterial Archives label night 
Founded in Amsterdam by Cyb and Elisa Batti, Immaterial.Archives is driven by the desire of exploring the boundaries of electronic music. The label always strives to innovate, while bringing on board the most talented producers from the underground contemporary techno scene.
Music is ephemeral, always disappearing. It is an immaterial archive.

Cyb is an Italian producer, dj and drummer based in Amsterdam. As a musician he’s always been looking for a personal, racy and original style. As a Dj he likes experimenting primarily with all the shades of Techno mixing atmospheric sounds with an articulated, percussive and complex rhythmic texture. 
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Elisa Batti
Elisa Batti is a sound designer, producer and DJ based in Amsterdam. In her projects she always  likes to push and expand the boundaries of contemporary music to the limits. Her dj sets are pure breeding

Øblak, third member of Immaterial Archives, is an emerging Italian dj and producer based in Amsterdam. His sets range between Berlin and industrial techno. 
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