Friday 28 February
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Atomic Simao
Genre: psychedelic rock acid jazz
Open: 22:00 - 03:00 hrs
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Atomic Simao is a mixture of psychedelic & space rock with a trippy sauce of acid jazz. The child of a great wave of 60’s and get its big inspiration in electronic music of 90’s.
A ukrainian group playing instrumental psychedelic jazz, which is rare for the domestic scene. Having formed just 5 years ago, today the band has already managed to release three albums, two of which were released on vinyl by the greek label Cosmic Eye Records, called “the opening of the year” at the Koktebel Jazz Festival, opened the concerts Red Snapper (three times), The Herbaliser (UK), Psychic TV (UK), received the title of “Best Underground Group of the Year” according to ​​, the title “Album of the Year” according to Karabas.Live​, their tracks were released in America on the same compilation with CAN, Hawkind and Alice Cooper and also to present Ukraine at the SZIGET Festival in 2017.
Atomic Simao were formed in Kiev, Ukraine and jumped onto the thriving contemporary space-rock train equaling the best instrumental bands of the genre, a band exploring the unlimited possibilities of percussion-led / guitar-dominated / bass-driven / keyboard-surrounded head music. The band abandons the Hendrixian jamming of their debut and takes a long headdive into funked-up spacerock. The style on this release is a complex instrumental mix of acidic guitar, psyched-out electronica and Middle-Eastern influenced laid back space-jazz feel.
A multitude of rhythms are swirling everywhere, funky jazz grooves spice up the recipe the Funkadelic way, and a soaring sax brings the compositions to Gong's 'Shamal' era territory and beyond. Adjectives to describe the listening experience: trippy, complex, eclectic, intense, surreal... Overall, this is beautiful music to zone-out.
Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the take-off! Listen to Atomic Simao with headphones on, eyes closed and a mind open to any changes the universe might bring to your listening perception.

Free Entrance // Donations Welcome